Citizens vote on first day of Sharjah council polls


The number of voters is expected to pick up on Friday and Saturday, when most people will be off from work.

Citizens in Sharjah headed out on Wednesday to cast their votes on the first day of the emirate’s council elections.

A modest turnout was observed across the Sharjah Consultative Council’s (SCC) nine polling stations despite the rainy weather and Wednesday being a working day. The number of voters is expected to pick up on Friday and Saturday, when most people will be off from work.

Mohamed Al Ameri, 76, was among those who arrived at the Cultural and Chess Club early in the morning to make his vote count.

“Today is a big day for Sharjah, reflecting its democratic policies. I brought all members of my family to participate in this great event for Sharjah,” he said, noting that they voted for a relative.

Amira Al Naqbi, another voter, said she was pleased to see how Emiratis have expressed their enthusiasm in playing a part in nation-building through the polls.

“It’s as a sign of the UAE’s evolving political experience,” she said.

Voting hours

Ahmed Al Jarwan, head of the election management committee, said the voting process for the Sharjah Consultative Council (SCC) elections shall be held in four days to allow voters working in other emirates to find time to participate.

Polling stations are open from 8am to 8pm. 

A total of 44,758 citizens have registered for the elections. From the 189 contestants, 25 representatives will be selected.

Vote-counting is scheduled for Saturday at Al Qasimia University Theatre in Sharjah.

Smart polls

For this SCC election, innovative technologies are being used for the first time, said Dr Mansour Mohammed bin Nassar, chairman of the higher committee for the elections of the consultative council of Sharjah.

Smart screens have been put up and voters just have to choose a candidate from a list with names and images. After a selection is made, a card will be dispensed and the voter shall drop it into the polling box.

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