China says its coronavirus peak is over, new cases see a decline.


The report also added that new cases of coronavirus in Wuhan have dropped to a single digit.

Chinese news agency Xinhua on Thursday reported that the peak of the novel coronavirus outbreak in the country is over. Xinhua quoted a spokesperson of the National Health Commission.

In a press conference in Beijing, Mi Feng said that new cases of coronavirus in the nation are on a decline.

Feng added that the overall epidemic situation remains at a low level.

The report also added that new cases of coronavirus in Wuhan have dropped to a single digit.

Only eight cases were reported from the region on Wednesday, whereas Chinese mainland outside Hubei reported seven new cases, six of them were imported from abroad.

Hubei province, where the coronavirus emerged late last year in December, announced on Thursday a further loosening of travel restrictions and will also allow some industries to resume production in two of its cities and two counties.

While the virus is spreading quickly globally, its progress in China has slowed markedly in the past seven days, a result of strict measures imposed to control the movement of people and traffic, including the virtual lockdown of Wuhan, a city of 11 million people.

In all, 15 new cases were recorded in mainland China on Wednesday, down from 24 the day before.

The total number of cases recorded in mainland China stands at 80,793. As of Tuesday, 62,793 people had recovered – nearly 80 per cent of the infections.

As of the end of Wednesday, the death toll in mainland China had reached 3,169, up by 11 from the previous day. Hubei accounted for 10 of the new deaths, including seven in Wuhan, reporter

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