Can you guess all the benefits of eating ghee?


A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. This is especially true for ghee or clarified butter. It’s one of the most delectable and nourishing staples found in Indian kitchens. Yet, thanks to self-proclaimed fitness experts, this therapeutic edible has been made into a villain. 

Unfortunately and unknowingly, we’ve all fallen into the trap of demonising ghee. Don’t worry, we are not asking you to add oodles of it to your daily diet. We’re just asking you to take this simple quiz to test your knowledge about this wonderful food.01

Ghee will definitely give me a heart attack!

A. NEVER!B. Fo’sho sis! Fo’sho…..02

Ghee can help combat acidity

A. D-uh! It’s not an antacid!B. Of course yes!03

Luscious hair and glowing skin are up for grabs too, thanks to ghee.

A. Yeah! That’s what my mum says too… B. I’m not so sure…04

Ghee is free of cancer-causing agents

A. Ghee? You must be kidding me! B. There’s nothing that ghee can’t do05

Ghee has nothing to offer apart from the fats

A. Truer words have never been spoken B. Ghee is not just fat, it’s more than that06

Olive oil or ghee: which one is healthier?

A. Olive oil is any day better B. Ghee for the win07

Ghee ain’t for me–I’m on a diet, you see.

A. A teaspoon a day is a must nonetheless B. No means no

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