Bali banning tourists from renting and riding motorbikes


Bali, one of the most popular places of attraction in Indonesia, has planned to ban tourists from using motorbikes on rent on the island.

On Thursday, Bali Governor I Wayan Koster said that tourists roam around the island “using motorbikes, without wearing shirts or clothes, no helmet, and even without a licence.”

The proposed ban is set to be implemented via a regional law sometime this year. But how it will be enforced is unclear.

Over 171 foreign nationals violated traffic rules from late February to early March, as per police records. Some tourists also use fake licence plates as well.

Why is Bali banning tourists from renting motorbikes?

There have been several reports of unlawful or disrespectful behaviour by tourists, even on the roads. Due to irresponsible driving, many accidents have been reported in recent months.

In March, a Russian man was arrested on the suspicion of driving while he was drunk and collided with a local driver. Both of them had to be hospitalised, according to the media in Bali.

It is common to see tourists renting motorbikes to get around the island. In fact, two-wheelers help them go from one place to another, avoiding traffic and moving through scenic alleys, since the island doesn’t have a well-developed public transport system.

“Why now? Because we are currently tidying up, [as] during the Covid-19 pandemic we couldn’t have possibly done that because there were no tourists,” he said, as per Kompas news outlet.

The proposition is aimed at tackling disorderliness as the tourism sector recovers from the pandemic.

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