Avoid areas near demonstrations: UAE embassy warns citizens in US


The UAE embassy in Washington D.C. on Sunday advised UAE nationals in the US residing in cities currently impacted by protests to avoid crowds and adhere to instructions issued by local authorities.

Earlier, the Consulate General of UAE in New York has issued a similar tweet, warning the citizens of UAE from going near the areas.

The demonstrations erupted following the death of George Floyd, an African-American man, in police custody in Minneapolis earlier in the week.

The consulate added on its official Twitter account that all Emiratis in New York or neighbouring states should follow police instructions and avoid the protest areas.

In case of emergencies, the consulate called on the citizens to contact 6466302575.

The Consulate General of UAE in Los Angeles has issued a similar warning, urging all citizens to avoid the areas of demonstrations. It has asked them to adhere to the directives of local authorities of the state for their own safety.

In case of emergencies, the UApE consulate in Los Angeles asked Emiratis to contact it on the number +1323-363-1736.

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