Artist reveals how the UAE brand logo was designed


The logo represents not only the UAE history and future but also the national flag colours.

Well-known calligraphy artist Khalid Ahmed Ali Al Jallaf was one of the ‘Inspiring 49’ artists – seven from each emirate – who helped design the three logos. On Wednesday, after ‘Seven Lines’ was announced as the winning logo, the Emirati told about his pride in helping develop it.

Grouped into seven teams, the 49 Emirati artists, sculptors, painters, calligraphers, authors, researchers and graphic designers worked together on designing the national logos in a one-day workshop. “It took 49 Emiratis of different talents and experiences over 14 hours to finish this critical and challenging mission,” he said.

The winning logo expresses multiple perspectives, Al Jallaf, who is based in Sharjah, said. “The UAE map represents the UAE – our beloved land for which we are all ready to die. It also reflects our soul which we are ready to sacrifice for our country and prudent leadership.”

The logo further represents not only the UAE history and future but also the national flag colours. “The seven lines stand for our forefathers, our great leaders, the founders of the country, and also represent the seven emirates,” said Al Jallaf, who is also head of the knowledge department at the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

This logo will definitely build more trust in the UAE, he underlined. “It will give a better idea about what we are thinking of, heading for and geared up to achieve in the coming 50 years.”

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