Abu Dhabi has built cycling and running tracks at a cost of more than Dh106 million.


Abu Dhabi: A series of cycling and running tracks have been constructed across the capital at a cost of more than Dh106 million, the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) announced Saturday.

The developments have been carried out at 29 sites, and included 14.12 kilometres of cycling tracks, 39.31 kilometres of running tracks, and 145 rest areas.

Through the project, the DMT aims to promote healthy habits like walking and riding, as well provide avenues for sports.

On Abu Dhabi island itself, 11,254 kilometrs of running tracks have been set up, along with cycling tracks extending for 14,120 kilometres. In addition, 60 rest areas have been also been constructed.

The project works in 15 locations within Abu Dhabi Island included the construction of running tracks of about 11,254 km, and cycling tracks of about 14,120 km, as well as the construction of 60 rest areas in separate places along these tracks.

Along the Khaleej Al Arabi Street alone, works included 5.2 kilometres of running tracks, 8.8 kilometres of cycling paths, and 12 resting zones.

On the mainland, 14 sites were developed to construct running tracks extending for 28,055 kilometres and 80 rest areas.

In addition to the tracks alone, development included the installation of exercise equipment, floor tiles and street furniture, shading and kiosks for the sale of refreshments.

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