A new POCO smartphone is coming in 2020: Here’s what we know so far


After launching the POCO F1 more than a year ago, the Xiaomi sub-brand has been rather quiet

The POCO F1 made news for being a solid phone that delivered great performance without a huge price tag. It had features that were never seen before at that price point and it came with a flagship-level processor from Qualcomm.

Post the launch of the POCO F1, the Xiaomi sub-brand has been surprisingly quiet though there have been plenty of rumours doing the rounds that POCO might get a second device soon. However, with Jai Mani (former Xiaomi spokesperson) parting ways with the company, there were speculations that Xiaomi might kill off the sub-brand. Mani was the person who revealed POCO to us last year.

Following this there were speculations about how the Redmi K20 series might come to India as the POCO F2 Lite and the POCO F2.

That did not happen either and Xiaomi launched the K20 and the K20 Pro in India earlier this year.

POCO fans have been waiting for a good while for a new smartphone and it might finally be happening.

Last month, POCOPHONE Global Head Alvin pointed towards the fact that we will not see a new POCO smartphone this year and referred to POCO F1 as the 2018-19 flagship killer.

Obviously, fans started asking if there was going to be anew POCO phone at all. And in reply Alvin said that “users will hear more from POCO in 2020”.

So far, Alvin has only hinted that the POCO F2 will be released in 2020. We don’t know a thing more about the upcoming device yet.

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