9 severely ill kids to hit screens as superheroes in Dubai.


Nine kids, including two Emiratis, were dressed up in their favourite superhero costumes as part of a Dubai-born initiative, Superhope.

What does it take to bring a smile on the faces of children battling with life-threatening diseases? Sometimes, a simple initiative like transforming these tiny tots into superheroes is enough to get them beaming from ear to ear. That said, it also instils inner strength and positivity that helps them combat the rigours of the treatment.

Nine kids, including two Emiratis, who are currently receiving treatment for haematology and oncology conditions in the UK, were dressed up in their favourite superhero costumes as part of a Dubai-born initiative, Superhope.

In its second edition now, Superhope collaborated with Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London to have illustrators and costume designers bring to life the superheroes dreams of the children.

The little ones were seen stepping outside the confines of their illness, as they dressed up in their favourite fictional characters – such as Super A,

Bat Jake, Coloring Freya, Cloud Princess and JA – while shooting for a campaign film that will soon premiere in Vox Cinemas. 

Speaking on the sidelines of the event, Tarik Batal and Basma Masri, creators of Superhope, said: “Seeing the faces of the children when they wear the super suits is a very special moment. It’s very rewarding.”

Emirati parents of the character Super A said: “Ahmed has really enjoyed the process. When they get back to school, they want to tell everyone about all the amazing things like turning them into a superhero”.

The heart-warming trailer will be played across VOX Cinemas for four weeks.

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