26% crime rate down from six moths in Sharjah


Sharjah: Serious crime in Sharjah decreased by 26 per cent per 100,000 people in the first six months of this year, compared to 2019 figures.

Police attributed the lower crime rate to a new mechanism that involves tracking movements of suspects who were previously involved in criminal activities.

Brigadier General Ahmad Al Serkal, Acting Director General of Police Operations, attributed the drop to strict security measures enforced by the police, in addition to awareness campaigns.

He attributed the drop to the keenness of the police to provide best policing services and continuously strive to enhance security staff members’ efficiency in catering to the needs of the community by providing them with quality training and ensuring prompt response to security reports. The number of surveillance cameras were also increased in the emirate.

Preventive measures

Al Serkal further said that based on the data and the identification of the types of recorded crimes, appropriate plans and solutions were put in place to check criminal activities and reduce the serious crime index. This was achieved by increasing the presence of security personnel, enhancing preventive measures and applying appropriate procedures to reduce crime.

Al Serkal said the implementation and timing of the state’s national sterilisation programme to contain the COVID-19 pandemic had also contributed towards reducing crime.

Serious crimes

Serious crime includes offences such as theft, rape and the possession or trafficking of drugs. “There are 16 crimes that are considered serious, some of them are possession, dealing and trafficking in drugs, rape, sodomy, murder, robbery, auto theft and pocketpicking.

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