250 artworks on tolerance exhibited at Jumeirah


Dubai; Emirati artists Abdul Qader Alrais and Khalil Abdulwahid from Dubai Culture and Arts Authority. The four-day event saw artists from diverse nationalities pay tribute to the UAE’s spirit of peace and equality. Ram Kumar Tolani’s coin collection that includes many rare coins and masterpieces was also on display.

Artworks of Saudi artist Reem Al Subiy depicted tolerance in humans as well as animals.

“Most of my work is about accepting yourself; when you accept yourself then it is simple to accept others. One of my paintings show three girls from different religions coming together to build new hope of humanity; another shows a cheetah nurturing a baby gazelle, which is highly unlikely, but I can make it happen in my mind.”

Amit Yadav, head of marketing at 2XL Furniture & Home Décor, said: “We have artists who have come all the way from Mexico, Brazil, India, Russia and Iran, along with a strong presence of Emiratis. The potential of art is enormous – be it in terms of interior design or bringing cultures and people together.

“All artists were given the theme six months ago – a message of peace, tolerance, harmony. We believe that the best of all art ignites ideas and allows people to share experiences even if they see the world in radically different ways,” he added.

A live painting session on one of the well-known ambassador of peace, Mahatma Gandhi, was also held in line with the Indian Consulate which is celebrating 150 years of his birth this year.

“The store has done a great job by bringing so many artists of different nationalities promoting the spirit of tolerance, co-existence and love which is needed by the world today,” said Vipul

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