15,000 fake euros notes, arrested 2 Dubai out lander.


Authorities are still looking for the third suspect, believed to be involved in the case.

Two expats have been charged at the Dubai Court of First Instance after they were caught with 15,000 euros in fake bills.

The two Asian residents, an investor and a clerk aged 39 and 46, were nabbed at the Gold Souq by the Naif police. Authorities are still looking for the third suspect, believed to be involved in the case.

A Pakistani employee at a money exchange office in the area said he was on duty when the two defendants arrived at around 6.20pm on March 19, court records show. “The second defendant (the clerk) presented 15,000 euros, asking us to check its authenticity. I check the 30 bills he gave me, worth 500 euros each, through a special money detector and found they were all counterfeit.”

The employee told the two expats to present their IDs and wait while he informed the director.

The latter then reported the incident to the police.

A report from the police’s forensics team confirmed that all 30 bills were fake, but could have gone unnoticed especially if they were presented to unsuspecting individuals.

During the investigation, the investor admitted that he received the fake notes from his accomplice, claiming that he only wanted to help him because he was a friend. He said he kept the notes with him until they reached the money exchange outlet and then presented them to the employee. The clerk corroborated the investor’s confession.

The trial has been postponed to September 23.

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