Two Dubai workers to be jailed after stripping man naked.


The accused were arrested after the victim complained at Al Rafaa police station.

Two expats in Dubai have been sentenced to two years in jail each for beating up a compatriot over financial disputes. They were also convicted of theft and sexual assault.

The Dubai Court of First Instance earlier heard that on November 24 last year, the two Indian workers, aged 27 and 21 – along with other runaway accomplices – assaulted the victim and stole his mobile phone and passport. And to intimidate him and prevent him from reporting to the police, they stripped him naked and filmed him.

“I arrived at the Dubai International Airport on a visit visa in May last year. An Indian worker got me a job at a construction site for Dh1,500 a month. But I was paid only Dh100 or Dh50,” the complainant, a 24-year-old Indian national, told the public prosecution investigator.

He recounted how he had a dispute at some point with the other man over his unpaid wages. “I told him I would call the police if I did not get my full payment for working on that site.”

As he decided to file a police complaint, the victim was assaulted. “It was around 1pm on November 19 last year. The two accused, and other men, pulled me inside a building in Al Rafaa. They all punched and kicked me. The 27-year-old accused hit me with a steel rod,” he said.

The group then stripped him naked and filmed him. They threatened to circulate the clip on social media if he tried to seek police help. They left after stealing his mobile phone and passport.

The accused were arrested few days later, after the victim complained at Al Rafaa police station.

The court ordered their deportation after the completion of their imprisonment.

During the prosecution investigation, the defendants admitted that they assaulted the victim over money issues.

The court ruling may be appealed.