Ring provides home security easy to use


At Ring, our mission is to make neighborhoods safer. We strive to give our customers the peace of mind that comes from knowing their homes are more secure. Delivering privacy, security and control to our customers are foundational to achieving our mission. It drives our team to design and engineer not only the products you see today, but future features and innovations as well.

Safety and security are important. More and more home-owners are taking precautions to keep their homes safe and secure and protect their families and property. Homeowners have also realized the convenience that smart home security can provide when they can see and speak with visitors from anywhere.

Ring can protect your home, inside or out. Ring’s suite of smart home security products includes our recently launched Ring Video Doorbell 3, the second-generation Ring Chime and Chime Pro, and Ring Indoor Cam. Indoor Cam is Ring’s first-ever indoor-only security camera and our most affordable camera to-date. In addition, Ring offers other Video Doorbells and Security Cams, including the Ring Stick Up Cam – meant for both indoor and outdoor use – and the Ring Spotlight and Floodlight Cams. Ring Alarm and a variety of Smart Lighting devices are also available. All of our Video Doorbell and Security Cams are wifi enabled and equipped with HD video, motion-activated alerts, two-way talk, and night vision. Some Video Doorbells and Security Cams have multiple power options – including Plug-In, Power over Ethernet (PoE), Battery and Solar – giving customers the ability to choose the right device for their unique needs. Check ring.com for sales availability.

The Ring App brings Ring devices together in one app and is available for iOS and Android. From the app, users can see and speak to visitors through their Video Doorbell and Security Cams from anywhere, at any time. With a Ring Protect Plan, you can save videos to the cloud and review them all at your convenience – even the ones you missed – for up to 60 days.

Additionally, Ring is always innovating and improving for its customers, and foundational to that work is prioritizing user control, privacy and security. Earlier this year, Ring launched Control Center, where users can manage settings such as shared users, linked accounts, and information sharing with third parties. We’re constantly developing and refining to provide users total control over their Ring experience.

Best practices to keep your Ring and other online accounts secure

• Don’t reuse passwords between your various online accounts – instead, generate unique, strong passwords for each account.

• Keep your phone numbers and email addresses up to date on your various online accounts.

• Upgrade to the latest version of your apps and operating systems, including the latest Ring apps.

• View and manage your trusted devices in your “Authorized Client Devices” section of Control Center on your Ring app.

• Add Shared Users to your Ring account instead of sharing your login credentials. You can also view and manage Shared Users in Control Center.