No more single-use plastic bottles at Dubai golf courses


The eco-friendly campaign aims to eliminate 785,000 plastic bottles used annually at the Dubai Golf courses.

A plastic-free campaign has been launched by the Dubai Golf to say goodbye to all single-use plastic bottles across its five golf courses. Taking further strides in sustainability, all members and visitors will instead receive a reusable aluminium water bottle as part of a partnership with Dell Technologies.

The eco-friendly campaign aims to eliminate 785,000 plastic bottles used annually at the Dubai Golf courses – equating to more than 1.2 million ounces less carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere. To put the green impact into context, 785,000 plastic bottles lined up would be equal to 200 times taller than the Burj Khalifa or the distance from Dubai to Abu Dhabi!

Dubai Creek Golf Club, Emirates Golf Club and Jumeirah Golf Estates will all participate in the plastic-free campaign.

Pushing players to make their new premium aluminum bottles a permanent part of their golf bag, conveniently placed water igloo stations offer regular opportunities to refill and hydrate across Dubai Golf courses.

Christopher May, CEO of the Dubai Golf, said: “Sustainability is a key pillar of Dubai Golf’s ethical principles and our reusable bottle campaign in partnership with Dell Technologies marks an important milestone to eliminate single-use plastic from our golf courses.

“With world-renowned courses playing host to international tournaments, we have a responsibility to set a precedent for sustainable practice within the golf industry. We will continue to implement initiatives that adhere to our mindful policies, and look forward to building a greener future,” he added.

Mohammed Amin, senior vice-president at Dell Technologies, said: “We are very excited about the partnership, our first in the Middle East region. We chose Dubai Golf because their vision is perfectly aligned with our own – striving in a new direction to combine sustainability and technology in sports. We look forward to making steps towards a better future together.”

Past campaigns

Emirates Golf Club’s successful ‘Planet or Plastic’ campaign, which took place last December in partnership with National Geographic, set a precedent for the initiative which has led to a series of important changes over the past year – including a drastic reduction in the use of plastic straws, cups and bags, as well as the introduction of water igloos, jugs and glass bottles at meetings and events.

In addition, Emirates Golf Club this March continued its move towards a sustainable future with the announcement that its 18-hole championship Faldo Course was the only course in the region to install LED light technology. The club replaced its existing metal halide solution with LED lighting to improve the overall quality of light across the golf course, while enhancing energy savings by 60 per cent and reducing CO2 emissions.

The above, combined with the current water bottle campaign with Dell Technologies marks another important step in Dubai Golf’s dedication to sustainability.