If weight loss is on your mind then stick to these 5 rules for better results


If your metabolism rate is high then weight loss can be a cakewalk. But still you should have a plan on how to go about it to lose weight faster.

A month down the line you will finally be able to get rid of your jackets and sweatshirts because summer will knock on your door. But wait, are you ready to hit it off this summer or has winter’s eatathon pinned you down leaving fat loafs behind? 

We know those butter-laden aloo parathasgulab jamuns, gajar ka halwa, and other winter delights would have definitely added a few kilos. But don’t feel blah about it as you still have time on your side. We have got a foolproof strategy that will help you lose weight within no time.    

It’s time to pen down these five sure-shot rules for weight loss so that you can rule out the probability of fat attack. 

Rule 1: Cardio is a must for weight loss and stamina building
This may sound cliché but yes you need to bow down to the thumb rule of cardio—especially, when it comes to weight loss. There are two reasons behind it—one is that it helps you build stamina, which you’ll need to implement rule number two. And two, it boosts your metabolism—the key to burn fat.

A study, published in a journal Breathe, states that doing cardio exercises improves metabolism, stamina, and reduces the possibility of cardiovascular mortality. But overdoing it can lead to muscle tissue rupture; hence, you need to be extra cautious.

Before you engage in hardcore toning routine, it is always advisable that you invest at least a week or two in simple cardio exercises like running, cycling, skipping, jumping jacks, etc..

Health ka shot: We would recommend you to give treadmill a skip and do outdoor running for the love of your knees. Also, a 30-40 minutes cardio routine is enough.       

Rule 2: Show some love to weight training for muscle toningWhen it comes to weight loss, we only focus on doing cardio and weight training tends to come at the bottom of our priority list. But it should be the other way round. Yes, it’s true that cardio helps you lose weight but so does weight training. 

Have you ever noticed that after weight gain when you pledge to reduce it with full dedication and focus just on cardio, then your skin starts loosening up and becomes saggy? That’s because you haven’t given weight training a shot, which helps in muscle tightening as well as toning—and a study, published in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, claims it too.

Health ka shot: Start with lighter weights and slowly and steadily move towards the heavier ones. Don’t forget to do arms twist and stretches before and after your weight training.    

Rule 3: For weight loss, sticking to a routine can lead to stagnation so keep switchingExercise hopping is the best way to reduce weight faster. Doing the same exercises for a while can lead to stagnation—means after sometime your body gets used to them and you see no improvement in your body. That’s why switching between weights, cardio routine, floor exercises, self-weight training, etc. is a better idea.

Health ka shot: For cardio, keep switching between floor exercises and crossfit. When it comes to muscle training, switching weights and reps is the way to go.    

Rule 4: Weight loss without yoga is like half-baked cookieYoga not just gives you flexibility but it also relaxes your muscles and tones them further. Also the chances of muscle injury are reduced by miles and bounds. Plus, better posture and stance is also up for grabs.

It’s a proven fact that Sun salutation or surya namaskar is that one yoga pose that’s great for muscle toning, strengthening and weight loss

Now that we have shared with you all the golden rules, imbibe this fitness mantra, club it with a healthy diet plan and you are good to go.