Google now recognises the Emirati or the Al Khaleeji dialect


Travelling to an unknown destination, new ‘Stay Safe’ feature from Google will help

During an event in Dubai earlier today, Google announced that Google Assistant – which is now rolling out across the region including the UAE can now understand a variety of Arabic dialects including the Emirati dialect.

This is great because it will help Arabic users in things like finding the right directions to a new place, flight information or find the answers they want.

Assistant, with the new changes is launching in 17 countries. As opposed to two Arabic dialects earlier, it will now understand the local dialects in 15 countries in the region, including the UAE, Yemen, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain.

Stay safe

That’s not all. If you are travelling to an unknown destination within the UAE, a new ‘Stay Safe’ feature give you an “off-route” alert if you deviate from the suggested route by more than 500m.

It will also allow you with an option to share the live trip update with friends and family.

$1 million grant in digital skills

In the Google for Mena event that was attended by hundreds, the tech giant announced that is offering a $1million grant in digital skills training in Arabic to Injaz, an NGO that specialises in youth training.

This comes after the success of the 2018 program, Maharat min Google, that helped 500,000 young people, women and underprivileged students in the Mena region. 130,000 of those were able to find jobs, grow their careers and businesses.