Gmail makes it easier to search for mails with ‘search clips’


There’s a new feature for Gmail which will make it easier for users to search for mails. This feature is first rolling out to G Suite users.

Google is making it easier for users to search for mails on Gmail. There are filters available already for Gmail but the new update will make it even easier. Google has started rolling out this feature to its G Suite customers.

Google calls its new search update for Gmail, search chips. This feature essentially adds more useful filters for mails like different attachment types including text document, spreadsheet, and PDF. Users can also choose a specific timeframe for mails. This also rids the need of using search operators like

Gmail users will be able to narrow down their search results with the increased number of filters available with this update. Users can also select different filters for mails like the sender’s name, attachment type and timeframe. This will become simpler and require only a few steps with the new update.

This update will be available to all G Suite customers within fifteen days of rollout which started on February 19. It will be available by default and users will see the changes when they use the search tool on Gmail. Google  plans to bring this feature to all Gmail users as well but there’s no confirmation on a date as yet.