Flight returns because woman wanted better seat


An American Eagle flight from Florida to Miami was forced to return to the airport after a woman passenger faked an illness mid-air to get a better seat. The woman was taken off the plane and into custody, reported CNN.

Within an hour of take-off, from Pensacola in Florida, at 6:26 am on Friday the woman began demanding that she be given a bigger seat, the Pensacola Police Department said. However, when the cabin crew told her they could not offer her better accommodations, the woman became ill.

The plane had to return to the airport for emergency medical assistance, according to a statement from the airlines. However, upon arrival it was revealed the woman was pretending to be ill and was asked to get off the plane, police said.

The flight to Miami finally departed at 7:41 am while the woman was taken into custody and transported to a mental health facility for evaluation. She was detained under Florida’s Baker Act that allows officials to take people into custody who may be impaired due to mental illness.