Facebook, Facebook Messenger were the most downloaded apps of the decade


Between 2010 to now, these are the 10 most downloaded apps. How many have you been using?

Security concerns, political adverts and the Cambridge Analytica scandal not withstanding,

Facebook and Facebook Messenger have been the most downloaded apps of the decade. Yes, that’s from 2010 to now.

App Annie has drawn up a whole bunch of lists, they are calling it “A Look Back At the Top Apps & Games of the Decade”, to give us an insight into how the online digital space has fared with games, apps that have been downloaded the most and also those on which we spent most of our time.

Over the next few articles we will delve in to these lists separately, but for now we start with the most downloaded apps of this decade:


2.Facebook Messenger






8.UC Browser



While it is not surprising to see the likes of WhatsApp, Skype and Twitter being on this list, new-comer TikTok has been riding quite the high.

The data for this list was drawn across both Android and iOS devices – both the App Store and the Play Store. App Annie has also pointed out that combined data for the App Store and the Google Play Store begins only from January 2012. Data till December 31, 2011 is from the App Store only. The 2019 data that they have included is for January to November this year.

With December included we do not expect this list to change much, for all we know TikTok might rise up a few slots!