During Covid-19, Technology helps Dubai’s RTA to serve customers


Through its comprehensive remote work systems and technological infrastructure, the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai was able to continue its services normally during the Covid-19 crisis, a top official has said.

Mattar Mohammed Al Tayer, Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors, said the RTA’s transformation of all customer services to smart services enabled it to serve customers.

Al Tayer made this statement during a visit to RTA’s Corporate Technology Support Services Sector.

He was briefed about the plans for coping with Covid-19 pandemic, deliverables achieved and tools used to support the technological infrastructure and the remote work environment initiative. The initiative involved providing 1,063 additional computers to employees, activating 850 devices within two weeks, supplying 314 devices to the Call Centre, opening 2,500 VPNs and providing 50 routers to establish an alternative communication for top executives.

The briefing also explained the deliverables of the Microsoft Team interactive system, which enabled conducting 35,611 formal meetings, handling 121,709 audio and video calls and exchanging 11,370 instant messages.

The briefing revealed that 267,468 smart transactions and services were completed from January to May this year. It also touched on Tasreeh digital platform for crowd management and seeking permits along with relevant features such as health records in addition to retail outlets and public transport.

Decision Support Centre

Al Tayer was also briefed about the services of the Smart Decision Taking Support Centre, which has 42 dashboards, 970 smart screens and 47 integrated systems. The centre improves the efficiency of the RTA projects portfolio management, evaluates the earned value of projects performance and spending rates and automates the reports of commercial and investment department that saves hundreds of work hours every month.

The centre also supports the HR department in measuring the Emiratisation indicators, tracking the signing-off of internal audit comments and verifying the compliance with directives given, and boosting the risk management and governance practices.

The RTA chief reviewed the use of artificial intelligence in combating Covid-19 in taxis including detecting passengers’ adherence to precautionary measures in place.

Al Tayer stressed the RTA’s persistent efforts to raise the standing of Dubai amongst top metropolitan cities in terms of adopting hi-tech in services and operations.