Dubai passenger hides Saudi, Omani riyal in peanuts and biscuits


These currencies were approximately Rs4.5 million in Indian currency.

A video clip on interception of currencies of various counries is doing the rounds on the internet. It shows security personnel cracking peanuts, unzipping sealed biscuit packets and digging into oily meat pieces to extract an assortment of Saudi riyal, Qatari riyal, Kuwaiti dinar, Omani riyal and euros rolled and wrapped neatly inside.

These currencies sum up to a total of approximately Rs 45 lakh (Rs4.5 million) in Indian currency.

The CISF tweeted the video of the interception with the caption, “Vigilant #CISF personnel apprehended a passenger namely Mr Murad Alam carrying high volume of foreign currency worth approx. INR 45 lakh concealed in peanuts, biscuit packets & other eatable items kept inside his baggage @ IGI Airport, Delhi. Passenger was handed over to customs.”

According to an official statement, the CISF said that the passenger, Murad Ali, was flying to Dubai.

As the post went viral on the Internet, Twitterati flooded the social media with their reactions.

A user wrote, “That’s notoriously innovative in a totally bad way.”

A user remarked, “Does not matter how much money I will make… I will not be able to put so much effort ever.”