Coronavirus: 98 people in Middle East infected.


Most infections are in Iran, where number is suspected to be much higher than reported.

Dubai: The coronavirus outbreak that began in Wuhan, China has infected more than 80,000 people globally. The World Health Organisation has named the illness COVID-19.


Iran has officially reported 61 cases, with 15 deaths. However, yesterday, an Iranian MP from Qom had said at least 50 had died of coronavirus in the city he repesents.  Also, the number of infections in Iran is suspected to be much higher than reported.


The UAE has 13 cases of the new virus while Bahrain’s Health Ministry on Tuesday raised the number of infected cases from the new virus to eight.


Kuwait raised the number of its infected cases from three to eight people.

All five were passengers returning on a flight from the Iranian city of Mashhad, where Iran’s government has not yet announced a single case of the virus. The number of infections in Oman stands at three.


Iraq, which has reported one infection in Najaf, indefinitely extended an entry ban on travellers from China and Iran and instituted similar bans on travellers from Thailand, South Korean, Japan, Italy and Singapore, the health ministry said on Tuesday.

Egypt, Lebanon

Egypt and Lebanon have reported one coronavirus infection each.