Ajman cracks down on food markets to ensure consumer safety


The municipality continues its inspection campaign targeting food outlets as well as production.

The department of economic development (ADED) in Ajman has launched a crackdown on food markets, including vegetable and fruit shops as well as popular stores in residential areas, to ensure consumer safety.

Maher Butti Al Suwaidi, director of the consumer protection section at ADED, said that the crackdown comes within the annual plan of the department to check unauthorised activities and safeguard consumers.

He said: “The department carries out periodic inspection tours to control markets and confront negative practices, based on its supervisory role aimed at protecting consumers. The inspections targeted several markets in the emirate, in addition to street vendors. The department is also committed to continuing awareness-raising and oversight efforts throughout the year, with the aim of promoting a safe commercial environment in the emirate and preserving consumer rights.”

The department enables consumers to contribute effectively in monitoring violating practices in the markets, through the Consumer Protection Complaints Service via call center of Ajman Government 80070, where complaints received are verified and action taken in accordance with the law.

Khalid Al Housani, director of health and environment department of Ajman Municipality, said that they continuously coordinate with departments concerned in the emirate, including ADED, to protect the consumer.

The municipality continues its inspection campaign targeting food outlets as well as production and importing companies to reduce flouting of health and hygiene standards. The drive includes intensifying surprise and regular visits to all food establishments operating in the emirate to keep tabs on them.