Pay teachers’ salaries in full, refund deductions, Sharjah schools told


Private schools in Sharjah have been ordered to pay teachers’ salaries in full and any reductions made during the Covid-19 period should be given back to them, the emirate’s education authority said on Monday.

All requests to slash wages of teaching staff for academic year 2019-2020 have also been rejected, according to an official of the Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA).

In a circular sent to school administrations, the SPEA said those that have implemented pay cuts will be given five working days – from the date of the decision – to return the unpaid salaries. Any action to reduce wages should be cancelled, it added.

Legal action shall be taken against school managements that would fail to comply with the decision, the SPEA has warned.

The official explained that as parents remain committed to paying fees and schools ensure the continuity of the distance learning system, teachers must be paid in full.

“Schools must fulfil their obligations, regarding ability to provide high quality education under the current conditions that require solidarity and commitment from all parties,” he said.

Teachers have been doubling their effort in preparing digital content for their lessons, he pointed out, so they must be compensated accordingly.

Earlier, the SPEA announced that strict penalties – including cancellation of licences – will be taken against school managements that are sacking teachers, slashing salaries or forcing them to go on unpaid leave without their consent.

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