Arab Space Cooperation logo design contest launched.


Submissions to be accepted till March 10.

Abu Dhabi: The UAE Space Agency has launched a contest to design the logo of the Arab Space Cooperation Group. The Group, which aims to boost joint Arab space-related activities, was established in March 2019 on the sidelines of the second edition of the Global Space Congress in Abu Dhabi.

The contest is open to participants from all Arab countries and comes as a part of the UAE Space Agency’s initiatives held in line with the UAE Innovation Month, which reflects its commitment to promoting a culture of innovation, a key pillar for sustainable development. The agency will be accepting submissions for the contest until March 10, after which a specialised committee will select four finalists. The winning logo design will be announced during the next Arab Space Cooperation Group meeting in March 2020.

Dr Eng Mohammed Nasser Al Ahbabi, Director General of the UAE Space Agency, said, “The Arab Space Cooperation Group aims to provide a platform that brings Arab countries together to accelerate joint space-related activities. This contest follows a cooperative approach, as it offers talented Arabs an opportunity to share creative designs that reflect their understanding of the Group’s vision.”

“The contest is a great opportunity for Arab youth to contribute to a group that aims to make the Arab world flourish in the space sector. It raises awareness of the group’s mission and objectives, the importance of space-related activities, and the role of Space in paving the way for a bright future.”

“This contest and other events organised by the UAE Space Agency as part of its participation in UAE Innovation Month, reflect the agency’s efforts to promote a culture of innovation within the Arab and Emirati community. The agency aims to prepare a generation of innovators, fully capable of improving the space sector and turning abstract ideas into concrete realities using innovative solutions,” he added.

What is the Arab Space Cooperation Group?

The Arab Space Cooperation Group is an initiative launched by the UAE, and is currently chaired by the UAE Space Agency. The group aims to provide an ecosystem to develop regional skills and competencies to work on advanced projects, and sponsor initiatives and programmes to prepare the next generation of space sector leaders in the region.

The launch of the group coincides with the agency’s vision to enhance the Arab countries’ scientific efforts in the global space sector through consolidating the existing capabilities of Arab countries.

Satellite 813 is the first space project launched by the Arab Space Cooperation Group, designed to monitor the Earth and measure the environmental and climatic elements in a number of Arab countries, as well as vegetation, soil types, minerals and water sources, measuring greenhouse gases, pollution and dust levels.

The satellite will be developed by Arab engineers at the state-of-the-art facilities at the National Space Science and Technology Center at the United Arab Emirates University in Al Ain. Satellite 813 is a call from the UAE to Arab countries to consolidate their efforts and reclaim Arab pioneering status in space sciences.

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